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Free Collectible: Claim Your RLCS DPA from the GG Colosseum

Jun 25, 2024

Another collectible from the GG Colosseum is up for grabs again. You now have the opportunity to claim a Digital Proof of Attendance (DPA) from our Gaimin Gladiators Rocket League’s recent competition at the RLCS Major 2 tournament in London.

If you missed the previous FREE DPA, the PMSL EMEA DPA, this is another opportunity to claim another of our GG’s limited-edition collectibles; as you might already know, these DPAs are only available to claim for a very short period of time. 

Claiming GG DPAs gives you access to unique memorabilia from the tournament and could open up future perks from our Gaimin Gladiators; all for FREE!

Here’s how to Claim Your Free RLCS Major 2 2024 DPA:

  1. Scan the QR code or click the link below to the DPA Claim Page at
  2. You will be redirected to signup/login to your Colosseum account and then connect your Web3 wallet to the Colosseum, where your claimed DPA will be sent.

After successfully claiming your DPA, it will be sent directly into your wallet on the Colosseum in no time, now that the tournament has ended. 

You can then view and showcase your collected DPAs on your Colosseum fan profile and maybe get to exchange them for special benefits in the future.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to secure a unique collectible that could provide you access to future benefits and costs you nothing now.

Claim your FREE DPA now.