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Mission and Vision

GAIMIN is a next-generation gaming infrastructure project that is set to revolutionize the gaming industry. Our mission is to become the leading Web3 gaming platform and game launcher and enhance the gaming experience by providing innovative software and solutions, and become a gateway to mass Web3 adoption.

Our vision is to use our gaming technology to create the world's most powerful, decentralized supercomputer by utilizing the unused and underused computational resources of the global gaming community to power an exciting new future for the benefit of humankind and create a sustainable lasting social impact.


At GAIMIN, our purpose is to empower the gaming community and facilitate the mass onboarding of hundreds of millions of gamers into Web3. The current modern and future generations of gamers represent a higher-consciousness generation that is very inclusive and look for brands that share their values and sentiments. GAIMIN puts the power in the hands of the gamer and uses existing gaming resources to power their own gaming community, power an exciting future, and create real social impact.


GAIMIN is positioned at the disruptive intersection of Web3 gaming, cloud computing, and gaming, and is set to become the leading next-generation gaming platform enabling connection, communication, and collaboration as we head into the exciting new digital experience awaiting us as a united gaming community.


GAIMIN is actively creating partnerships with other gaming and Web3 organizations, including blockchains, game communities, guilds, games, gaming organizations, and leaders in Web3 development. Through these partnerships, we are “co-building” the next generation gaming experience and providing the data processing power for a better future for humankind. Our ambitious and forward-thinking VCs have also helped us to establish these partnerships.

We believe that our partnerships will help us to achieve our mission of becoming the leading next-generation gaming platform. By working together, we can leverage the strengths of our partners to create a more powerful and innovative gaming experience.

Social Impact

The GAIMIN project is not just about gaming and blockchain, but also about making a positive social impact. The GAIMIN platform allows gamers to monetize their idle computational resources through the GAIMIN cloud. By contributing their computing power, gamers can help power AI, rendering, and blockchain technologies for businesses and organizations, while earning rewards in return.

The GAIMIN project also helps to bridge the digital divide by providing access to powerful data processing capabilities to individuals and organizations that may not have been able to afford it before. This can help to promote innovation, economic growth, and social progress in communities around the world.

In addition, GAIMIN is committed to giving back to its users and creating a more equitable world. Up to 90% of the revenue generated by is returned to gamers, providing them with a new stream of income and improving theirs and their families financial situation without sacrificing their leisure time. By harnessing the power of the global gaming community, the GAIMIN project is helping to build a more sustainable, inclusive, and socially responsible global society for all.