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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Gaimin platform. Not finding what you are looking for? Get in touch with our team.

General FAQs

How can I follow your updates?
Please see the links to our social media channels here.
Why are you only targeting gamers?
The GAIMIN platform is a Web3 gaming platform designed for gamers. You will need a Windows PC with a minimum of 4GB of VRAM in order to get the full benefits of GAIMIN. While we do not exclude non-gamers, we are targeting gamers for the following reasons:

1) They have the ideal computing resources (powerful gaming PCs).
2) Gaming is huge and is a massive growth industry.
3) Gamers already are familiar with digital wallets, digital marketplaces, digital goods and digital currencies, all of which we use in our GAIMIN platform.
4) We love gaming and it’s a lot of fun!

Business and Legal

What exactly is your business model?
GAIMIN generates revenue from a number of different sources including: Monetization through, GAIMIN Marketplace, GAIMIN Games Launcher and Gaimin Gladiators. You can learn more here.
What is your biggest commercial advantage?
GAIMIN offers a simple, effective & efficient solution to the global problem of insufficient computer processing power, by simultaneously solving the biggest problem for 1.5 billion PC gamers.

Because we are a software platform we have very low operating costs and the ability to scale massively and very quickly (just like Uber and Airbnb). You can learn more about how GAIMIN's technology solutions connect "Supply to Demand".
Can you please explain your business goal in a few lines?
GAIMIN offers a simple, effective & efficient solution to the global problem of insufficient computer processing power, by simultaneously solving the biggest problem for 1.5 billion PC gamers.

Our goal is to be the “Uber” of data processing power – by using our gaming technology to create the world's most powerful, decentralized supercomputer by harnessing, aggregating, and deploying the unused and underused computational resources of the global gaming community, via our GAIMIN platform and, to power an exciting new future for the benefit of humankind and create a sustainable lasting social impact.

You can learn more about the GAIMIN project, our mission, and our vision here.
How big is your market?
There are 1.5 billion gaming PCs in the world and that number is predicted to grow which contain high-powered GPUs (ideal for data processing). This represents our target market. You can learn more here.

On the demand side, rapidly developing technologies assure immense and ongoing demands. These technologies include: artificial intelligence, blockchain, video rendering, AR/VR/MR, holographics, 3d printing, internet of things (IOT), robotic process automation and many more. You can learn more here.
Is your company fully legally compliant?
Yes, we have always strived to meet the highest levels of ethical and operational standards, and compliance with regulatory processes.

We are members of Switzerland’s “Crypto Valley” and have full time staff and advisors who work with our lawyers to ensure we take the necessary legal steps. Both our UK and Swiss lawyers are proud holders of our GMRX tokens, which is an indication of our legal standing.

GAIMIN has also been approved for membership of the prestigious Swiss Financial Services Standards Association “VQF”. See details here.
What about competition?
You can learn about GAIMIN’s unique positioning and competition here.
Where is your company based?
Our company is incorporated in the UK and Switzerland, and we are corporate members of the Swiss Crypto Valley Association.


What do you mean when you say you are introducing gamification into your platform?
Gamification is the process of taking something like an app, a game, a process, an online community, and integrating game mechanics into it to motivate the participants, create engagement, and loyalty.

We motivate gamers to download and install our software, and let it run, not only through GMRX rewards but also via gamification incentives.
Will using this software mean I get a huge electric bill?
The additional power cost of running GAIMIN is negligible (less than running any modern game) because the PC is already on, and earned rewards are always significantly higher than any power cost. Plus future monetization options, like rendering, are even more profitable.
Does the GAIMIN application cause wear and tear or degradation of my GPU?

GPU degradation (like other electronic component degradation) is basically a myth. There are many YouTube videos that demonstrate this, here is a good one:

Our software developer has the long answer to this, which covers things “correct load balancing” and “ensuring we are not overclocking” (overclocking means setting your computer to run at higher levels than it should).

To keep it simple, our platform will be just like your computer is gaming, it will not have any more detrimental effect on your computer than if you were simply playing a game. In addition it is very rare that a GPU actually reaches the end of its “life” before a gamer will upgrade it anyway, so this is not a relevant point.


What are your plans for a community?

Community is of paramount importance to us. The aim is to build a huge, active gaming community, with the help of our Gaimin Gladiators esports organization, and ensure global brand recognition and brand loyalty.


How do you use Web3 and blockchain as a company?

Web3 technology represents a significant shift in the gaming industry, creating a more inclusive, engaging, and rewarding gaming experience for both players and developers. You can learn more about the benefits of Web3 technologies for gaming and why GAIMIN is using these advancements here.

Which blockchain will you use?

The GAIMIN platform has been developed to be EVM multichain compatible to allow future integrations. Our base chain will be the BNB Chain.

Do you have a working version of your software?

Yes. You can download our GAIMIN platform here.

Can you explain your NEP (Network Expansion Program) referral program?

Sure. Each user has their custom referral link once they have downloaded and installed the GAIMIN platform. Simply share it with game friends to earn your additional referral rewards. You can see a more detailed explanation in the actual GAIMIN platform.

Do I need to have a gaming computer (with GPU) to join?

It is not necessary although our platform is designed for gamers and gaming PCs.

Do you have a Telegram channel?

Yes. Here’s the link.

How secure is your software?

Our software is being built by top developers, with quality code, and a huge focus on security. Since day one security is a core principle in every aspect of our project. Our product has undergone a number of security assessments and it complies with some of the most stringent security policies available.

What is the fastest way for me to get a solid understanding of your project?

Read this short presentation deck.

Will your software affect gaming performance?

The GAIMIN platform offers optional monetization, which is fully configurable to ensure it never affects the user’s gaming or computer experience. This was one of the most important design fundamentals.

Does your software contain viruses?

GAIMIN is very safe and secure. Our software is being built by top developers, with quality code, and a huge focus on security. Since day one security is a core principle in every aspect of our project.

GAIMIN is perfectly safe to use and does not contain any viruses, although it might get flagged as having them. This is because the GAIMIN platform packages miner applications, to perform blockchain computations, (which is one of the GPU monetization options that helps you earn passive rewards).

When you choose to install this software, you are therefore knowingly installing safe and secure mining software, used by millions of people worldwide. In a case where you know that this is included, it is not malware... ​​But your antivirus software does not know that you chose to install it, and will still detect it in case you aren’t the one installing it, and therefore flags it. But don't worry, it's all perfectly safe.

This is a standard industry issue that we are working on improving. There are simple guides to help install as well as our tech support. We have extensive help PDFs to guide a user through the simple setup to deal with this issue:

How many GMRX can I receive as rewards with GAIMIN?

The GMRX rewards from the GAIMIN platform depends on certain variables: 

(1) Your contribution to (which is fully automated once you download and install GAIMIN) -- These rewards depend on your PC spec, type of GPU, length of time you have GAIMIN running in the background, concurrent PC/GPU activity, number of referrals you have introduced (and all the same factors that apply to them as already mentioned). I know this may sound complex, although that is the basis of monetization calculation.

(2) The gamification rewards you achieve such as watching live streams, hitting time goals, etc. You can see all these within the platform after installation.

What are the challenges (perceived or real) users may face as a result of granting access to their PC resources? 

GAIMIN is a simple Windows .exe download and install. Very easy for any gamer to do. The only possible challenge – depending upon the user's PC setup – may be adding an antivirus exception, which takes about 1 minute and is simple. We provide easy-to-follow videos. 

What is the safeguard/mitigation against potential concerns such as slower processing time, security threats, etc. (basically is there something in the infrastructure that would prevent this, and if yes, what is the set-up)

One of our fundamental design concerns was to protect the user's computer/gaming experience. With this in mind, monetization via the contribution of PC resources (for now GPU) is an option and is fully configurable. The user can turn it on or off at any moment, or use a slider in the platform to control the percentage of GPU power being dedicated to monetization. In addition, in the application settings monetization can be set to auto-start, start only when permission is granted, or permanently turned off, when the platform opens.

As for security, this is another fundamental design concern and has been implemented at all stages. GAIMIN is very safe and secure. Our software is being built by top developers, with quality code, and a huge focus on security. Since day one security is a core principle in every aspect of our project. You can see a video from Anton, one of our software security experts here:


Do you have a fixed supply of tokens?

Yes. You can learn more about our GMRX token here.

What is the function of your token?

The GMRX token is the native utility token of the GAIMIN ecosystem. You can read more about it here.

Still have questions?