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The Gaimin Platform

The GAIMIN Platform is a powerful, next-generation, full-featured, Web3 gaming platform, and game launcher. GAIMIN is a Windows PC-based application, built for the more than 1.6 billion PC gamers, providing the user with a front-end for accessing new exciting Web3 games, GAIMIN's gaming-related products and services, together with (optional) passive background monetization, achievements, rewards, unique “Watch and Earn” and more advanced features to enhance the user’s gaming experience.

The GAIMIN Platform is free of charge, and easy to download and install onto your PC. The application detects the available hardware (GPU/CPU) in the PC and commences monetization when run by contributing processing power to

The GAIMIN platform connects the gaming world's vast underused processing power capacity, to the enormous and exponentially growing demand for computational power.

GAIMIN acquires users by offering:

  • A superior gaming platform
  • Access to an exciting new generation of Web3 games
  • Web2 games with Web3 integrations, facilitated by GAIMIN's gamer developer tools
  • True ownership of interoperable, cross-game, utility game assets
  • Passive rewards to fund their gaming
  • A gaming community
  • The ability to "Watch and Earn" by viewing Twitch streams through the GAIMIN innovative streaming integrations
  • And more features being developed

Built for the Present, and Future of Web3 Gaming

The GAIMIN Platform is a fully functional MVP, developed to be EVM multichain compatible to allow future integrations. It's built on the Electron programming framework, the same framework used by companies such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Spotify, Discord, Twitch, and more, allowing for huge scalability and future cross-platform capabilities. With the current infrastructure, GAIMIN can scale to 1 million within a few days when needed.

The GAIMIN Platform has a variety of features, including:

Intelligent Device Identification

On the first run, the GAIMIN Platform identifies available hardware for use within and manages monetization job allocation and collation of results. In order to incentivize users to maintain their connection to and participation with, the GAIMIN Platform is designed to deliver a superior gaming experience to users with its integration with game launching and gamer-oriented environments. The GAIMIN Platform handles in-game asset ownership and management and delivers passive rewards to users for their participation in

the dashboard tab where you can view statistics
the games tab of the gaimin software

Game Launcher

GAIMIN’s Game Launcher allows game developers and publishers to add their Web2 and Web3 games to the GAIMIN Application, meaning users can be the first to access exciting Web3 games.


The marketplace is GAIMIN’s online store that offers a wide variety of items for purchase including in-game assets (NFTs) and gift cards. In the future, Marketplace can be extended to incorporate the sale of hardware, software, accessories, and merchandise. Users can also sell their own in-game assets on the marketplace.

the marketplace tab of the gaimin software. In game NFTs can be purchased here
the marketplace tab of the gaimin software. In game NFTs can be purchased here


GAIMIN users benefit from true ownership of their in-game assets and more, with GAIMIN NFTxg, an interoperable, cross-game, platform-independent, utility NFT, which enables the deployment of in-game assets across all compatible games, with characteristics dependent on game utilization. Games can become supported and compatible using GAIMIN’s dev tools (SDK/API) in just a few clicks. NFTxg can be bought, sold, and traded through GAIMIN Marketplace.


The Dashboard provides the interface for a user to track their activity, achievements, and reward allocation. When the user achieves a new reward, this type of reward and its value is shown in the Dashboard. The user can monitor their reward generation and see the derivation of their rewards.

the dashboard tab where you can view statistics


Collections are GAIMIN’s approach to incentivizing users to maintain their connection and access to the GAIMIN network. They are based on the user being able to claim “Collectable” NFTs based on a theme.

The collector just needs to download the app, register with GAIMIN and remain connected for a number of hours. The performance of their device is not relevant to Collections; the goal of “Collections” is to build an active user community and allow followers of a game to claim something based on connectivity hours rather than basing this on actual monetization and device performance.


GAIMIN platform provides fully integrated access to the user’s powerful multichain wallet. Following login, the Wallet page displays user assets including Wallet balance, NFTs and any tokens held. The Wallet provides a history of wallet transactions.

The wallet tab that shows your balance and number of held tokens
The wallet tab that shows your balance and number of held tokens

Optional Machine Learning Powered Background Monetization Functionality

When a user installs the GAIMIN app they immediately start monetizing. Although monetization is “on” by default, it is an optional feature, and the user can either turn it off, reduce the processing power devoted to monetization from his PC, or require the platform to request permission to monetize – all by adjusting the simple settings. Monetization is a background function, that together with the flexibility in the settings can be made to work silently, so as not to interfere with the user's gaming experience. GAIMIN’s monetization options offer “Play and Earn”, “Watch and Earn” and even “Do Absolutely Nothing and Earn”.

Watch Streamers and Earn

With GAIMIN the user now has the ability to "Watch and Earn" by viewing Twitch streams through GAIMIN’s innovative streaming integrations. By simply watching streams through the GAIMIN platform, the user can claim GMRX rewards and even Donate to the streamer with just one click.

the games tab of the gaimin software
the referrals tab that shows a list of referrals you have made

Referral Program

Get rewarded for referring others. Users have access to our NEP (Network Expansion Program) referral system so they can share their own personal GAIMIN link with their friends, and earn extra rewards when their friends download and use GAIMIN. In our Beta testing, these rewards became very significant.

Customizable Settings

From within the settings, a user can customize GAIMIN as they choose, including controlling monetization, notifications, profile, start-up options, and more.

the app settings tab that allows you to change settings
the support tab that allows you to contact support

Support Whenever a User Needs it

We have a full self-service support section as well as 24/7 support in case the user has any other issues.

Download For Windows

Play games. Earn unique rewards. Own your in-game assets.