Empowering the Next Generation of Web3 Gaming

Are you a game developer looking to enhance your Web3 gaming experience and stay ahead of the competition? GAIMIN's powerful and easy-to-use developer tools, SANDBOX and Web3 Game Launcher can help.

What Gaimin's Developer Tools Can Offer

At GAIMIN, we offer APIs to help game developers create and integrate Web3 gaming experiences that are powered by our decentralized data processing platform. For each game development engine, we provide an SDK which includes the API and all the tools to integrate our API into games.

Our tools were developed using the massively popular “moddable” AAA games Minecraft and GTA V as proof of concept. Our developer tools include:

Gaimcraft API

Our API provides developers with the ability to implement  blockchain technology, including NFTs, into a game. It allows a developer to define the NFTs to be used and provides access to player information through wallets to start building an in-game economy. Over time, our API will be extended to allow games developers to incorporate additional functionality into their games such as marketplace transactions, leaderboards etc.

Gaimcraft SDK

Our SDK currently supports game development for the Unreal/EPIC game development engine. Other SDKs incorporating the GAIMCRAFT API will be released as demand is identified.

Benefits of Using Gaimin's Developer Tools

By using GAIMIN's developer tools, game developers can:

Leverage the power of our existing time, investment knowledge and resources

Monetize their games and reward their users with GMRX tokens, creating new revenue streams and driving user engagement.

Easily integrate with the GAIMIN platform and build new Web3 gaming experiences

Instantly build interoperable cross-platform game assets, computational power, achievements, and gamification rewards, a blockchain-powered marketplace, and customizable tokens into your games

Join a pioneering community of game developers who are building the next generation of Web3 gaming experiences

The Gaimin Sandbox

GAIMIN's Sandbox offers game studios a unique opportunity to test their games while in development by providing access to our community of users and professional esports players. This not only allows developers to receive valuable feedback, suggestions, and ideas to improve their game, but it also enables them to test their games in a real-world environment before launching them to a wider audience.

By using GAIMIN's Sandbox, game developers can refine their games and ensure they are optimized for the Web3 gaming experience. The Sandbox also provides developers with the opportunity to create hype around their games and build a community of dedicated players before launch.

Launch Your Game on the GAIMIN Platform

By launching their game on the GAIMIN Web3 game launcher, game developers can take advantage of a range of benefits and opportunities that are unique to the platform.

Exposure to a large and engaged community: The GAIMIN platform has a growing community of gamers who are passionate about Web3 gaming and eager to try out new games. By launching their game on the platform, developers can tap into this community and generate buzz and interest around their game.

Easy integration with Web3 features: The GAIMIN platform is designed to make it easy for game developers to integrate Web3 features into their games. This includes support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain-based game assets, support for cross-chain integration, smart contracts, and other key Web3 technologies. By leveraging these features, developers can create games that are more engaging and immersive for players.

True ownership for players: By launching their game on the GAIMIN platform, developers can offer players true ownership of in-game assets and items. This is made possible by GAIMIN's NFTxg technology, which enables the deployment of in-game assets across all compatible games

Potential additional revenue streams: By partnering with GAIMIN, game developers can tap into additional revenue streams through monetization of gamers' computational resources. This can help offset the cost of development and support ongoing updates and improvements to the game

Built-in marketing and promotional opportunities: The GAIMIN platform provides built-in marketing and promotional opportunities for game developers, including access to GAIMIN's social media channels, email newsletters, and other promotional materials

Get Started with GAIMIN's Developer Tools Today

Overall, using GAIMIN's Sandbox, developer tools and game launcher offers game developers a powerful combination of testing, feedback, and exposure to a large and engaged user base. This can help to ensure the success of their game in the competitive world of Web3 gaming.

Are you ready to take your Web3 gaming experiences to the next level? Contact us to discuss how GAIMIN's Developer Tools can help you build the next generation of Web3 games.