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Powering GAIMIN's Internal Economy

The GMRX token is a utility token for exclusive use on the GAIMIN PC gaming platform, to enhance your gaming experience, have more fun in our Metaverse, create and own your own gaming NFTs and in-game assets, and more.

GMRX Token, Tokenomics and Token Economy

  • The GMRX token is the native utility token and lies at the core of the GAIMIN ecosystem, powering the platform's internal economy and allowing users to purchase digital gaming assets on the marketplace and enhance their gaming experience.

  • As a deflationary token, GMRX will have built-in gamified staking and burning features, with 100% of income from monetization rewards used to buy back GMRX from the market, providing constant buy pressure to help maintain users' purchasing power.

  • Through the rewards from the (optional) passive monetization of GAIMIN users’ computational resources, gamification, achievements, and other community rewards, the GMRX token powers the GAIMIN internal token economy and aims to provide maximum benefits to GAIMIN platform users in its continued growing and evolving ecosystem.

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Token Supply

  • Total supply of GMRX is 100 Billion

  • 100% of income from GAIMIN users’ monetization rewards used to buy back GMRX from the market

  • 10% of the monetization rewards go to the GAIMIN Project Company Holdings for overhead contribution and ongoing development costs

  • We effectively allocate 90% of the revenue generated by our gamers’ computational power and return to the GAIMIN token economy as follows:

    - 80% goes direct to GAMIN users as GMRX utility token rewards for use on our platform, compatible games, and ecosystem.
    - 3% is Burned creating an ongoing deflationary token supply
    - 7% is dedicated to Stakers and Yield Farmers

Or reach out to learn more. Contact us.

Initial Circulating Supply

Initial circulating supply is 1.5% plus 5% liquidity (LP)

Initial circulating supply is reported as 6.5% on CoinMarketCap for purposes of ranking for market cap.

The LP is locked permanently for liquidity on exchanges and will increase gradually as unlock schedules occur throughout vesting (as shown in the chart)

Total issued tokens


Proposed use of company holdings

Software development

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