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What Happened in The GG Colosseum in May

Jun 22, 2024

It’s been two months since The Colosseum, Gaimin Gladiators Fan Web3 Fan Membership Platform, was launched. There have been some interesting additions to The Colosseum in May, the second month since our platform was launched in lite mode in April. Let’s start with the campaigns…

Campaigns in May

The “Onboard & Win” Campaign

From 6th - 20th May 2024, we held an exciting campaign, “Onboard & Win” where fans were required to become members of The Colosseum and set up their account, thereby onboarding fully onto the platform. Participants stood a chance to win a special jersey signed by our Dota 2 team at the PGL Wallachia Tournament in Romania.

10 winners were chosen at random to receive the signed jerseys, which have been given away to them for free; more info on the GG's X page.

Digital Proof of Attendance (DPA) Giveaways

Speaking of giveaways, the month of May was a month of giveaway goodies as we also gave out FREE DPAs to two key tournaments. Fans who were already fully onboarded on The Colosseum up until the time of the DPA giveaways, all received the first editions of these special collectibles for the ESL One Birmingham and the PGL Wallachia Romania tournaments respectively. All your owned DPAs can be found in your Fan Passport in your Fan Profile.

This was also announced on our YouTube and social media pages in the DPA feature release communications that the first editions of our DPA collectibles will be given away to the first members of The Colosseum; first come, first served. 


However, we are not done yet as The Colosseum is here to stay and there are still many goodies to be given away -  these DPAs could also open you up for more perks from GG shortly.

Platform Updates

For platform updates, we had additions to our signup, verification, and various setup processes, as we stay committed to ensuring that our fans get the smoothest onboarding experience to The Colosseum. 

Your Username - Your Unique Identity

You can now create and own your unique username, and use it on The Colosseum as you would on any social network. You can set your username in your “Fan Profile” section, you can choose any name so far as it hasn’t been chosen by another fan in The Colosseum.

Your Username appears publicly with your Profile Picture whenever you engage on The Colosseum, for example when you comment on a post.

More Wallet Options 

In addition to Venly, we now have more Web3 wallet options on The Colosseum. You can now connect to The Colosseum with any available wallet of your choice, which is accessible through the “Connect Wallet” button at the top right bar of The Colosseum.

Digital Proof of Attendance (DPAs)

There have also been some enhancements to our DPA feature since the first edition in April. Now you can seamlessly claim your own DPA for official tournaments Gaimin Gladiators are competing in, simply by scanning the QR code at the event or online during the watch party in The Colosseum. 

Rare DPAs - The best among equal collectibles

We now have rarer versions of our DPAs which contain special design features and the signatures of all the GG players who competed in that tournament. These rare versions are in very limited numbers and will be more valuable than the regular ones. Anyone can be a proud owner of these rare DPAs they are distributed either on a “first claim, first serve” basis or by random allocation when claimed.

Samples of Regular and Rare DPAs respectively

Seamless Claim Process.

In addition to the launch of rare DPAs, we have taken actions to enable a smoother process for claiming your DPAs whether online during the watch parties or offline at the event location. Our team is continually optimizing this process to ensure that you get your FREE DPAs most efficiently. For more information on how to claim your DPAs for free on The Colosseum, read this article introducing our DPAs.


There have also been additions in the Content section of The Colosseum.

Comments and Reactions

You can now ‘react’ and comment on The Colosseum posts. This great feature enables you to leave your thoughts, feelings, and feedback on content that’s been posted and also suggest what type of content you might want next. And for the best part, GG players are giving shoutouts to some of the comments on The Colosseum in our public videos. You too can get a super shoutout from our GG players simply for dropping a comment on their premium videos in The Colosseum.

Infographics for FAQs - Learn about The Colosseum in a visually friendly way

We have added an infographic section to our FAQ Guides, which summarizes the actions in each topic in a very visually appealing manner. This makes it very easy to grasp every step of the action being taken on The Colosseum, so make sure to check it out here!

We are still building The Colosseum into the best fan program in esports, with so many goodies, features, and benefits still coming on our platform; if you still aren’t a member, what are you waiting for? Start unleashing your fan superpower today; Join The Colosseum now to start unlocking exclusive features and rewards from GG!

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