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GAIMIN — Project News and Updates — November 2023 — Massive Momentum

Dec 7, 2023

For those keeping up with our updates on “X” (previously known as Twitter), you will have noticed that we recently initiated a very strong and successful effort to expand our community…

…and the results are self-evident, with now more than 12k messages daily in our Discord… and growing!

Follow us on X and stay up to date

I strongly suggest you follow us on our X account, so you see all the news and updates as they happen. Here’s the link.

Here are the links to some of November’s highlights, and let’s start with a big one…

As you can see from the highlights, November was an extraordinary month (yet another), and December has already started with a bang.

Don’t forget to install GAIMIN

If you haven’t installed GAIMIN yet, you can download it at and, if you are already a current user, share your referral link with friends and earn additional rewards.

Stay tuned for more updates, and make sure to follow us on X (Twitter) to stay informed.

If you are new to GAIMIN, then for a complete review of “The GAIMIN Project”, we recommend you take a look at our Presentation Deck