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GAIMIN: Platform Updates. January 2023

Jan 13, 2023

As always we have been hard at work on our GAIMIN platform these last few weeks. Here are the highlights of the latest platform updates, and as you’ll see there have been some really exciting ones.

NOTE: If you already have GAIMIN installed, you can update to the latest version, by just opening the GAIMIN platform and letting it update, and if you haven’t downloaded and installed GAIMIN yet, head over to and you can become a tester

Here’s the TL;DR version (just the highlights) of what’s been happening this month:

  • We have worked hard on the UX/UI, as you’ll see from the latest download, as we get ready to begin adding new games.
  • We paid our first rendering rewards to those users who have been helping with the render testing (which is going full steam ahead).
  • Rendering testing is still ongoing, we are excited about the progress.
  • We received some great responses to the upcoming launch of “The Harvest Game”.
  • We have added a few thousand new test users to our network.
  • The time-based achievements have been updated with a completely new set of collectibles.
  • Further optimization of the PoW rewards and decision-making.
  • Working behind the scenes on GAIMIN.CLOUD to build out the client backend
  • Creating an internal control panel for our GAIMIN.CLOUD resources to allow instant reporting and monitoring.
  • Plus a lot more (details below).

Here are the more detailed updates with links to the full release notes below:

Feature Updates Platform:

  • Slack channel added to receive alerts for rendering
  • Register render workers directly and merge workers into endpoint
  • Transfer handling of render work token storage to backend
  • Modification to mining decision maker to exclude miners and walletID
  • Update to cryptocurrency tables to reflect current coin availability
  • Update to Okta login page
  • Addition of ETC coin for mining monetization
  • Enabling of ETC support on platform
  • Toggle added to assist with internal testing of switch from mining to rendering
  • Update of all miners to the latest versions
  • Stop collection of “uuid” on platform and stop including it in device system info

Feature Updates Application:

  • Monetization options reviewed every hour to determine most profitable service and switch user monetization to a more profitable option
  • New mining coin added to monetization engine to increase monetization options and improve monetization profitability
  • Rendering functionality enhanced to check if user has relevant software on their PC, if not, then application will install relevant drivers
  • Payment for rendering services distributed
  • Monetization options reviewed hourly
  • BZMiner added to function controller endpoint
  • Removal of hard-coded currencies
  • All old Achievements to be removed from Marketplace and new achievements added
  • Endpoints for NFTs updated — achievements, NFTs and packs to allow addition of new achievements

Bug Fixes and Cosmetic/UI Changes

  • Modification to support multiple QA environments
  • Issue corrected regarding benchmarking logic and the starting of benchmarking
  • Benchmarking “miner failed to start” bug corrected so Benchmarking does not unnecessarily restart miner benchmarking again
  • Modifications to description text and design for NFT presentation
  • Updating of user information consolidated into one API call (PATCH) as opposed to two API calls (PUT and PATCH)
  • Amendments to code affected by “PUT” removal for user updating
  • Error with truncated display of saved login data corrected
  • Cosmetic change to highlight the “close” button on screen displays
  • Update to SQL query for monetisation statistics — removal of “STREAM” part of query
  • All design and implementation documentation is in the process of being updated
  • UX change — refactor button text
  • “Start” to “Continue” on Referral page
  • “Details” to “Back” on Marketplace page
  • “My Device” to “My Devices” on Dashboard page
  • Refactor all references to GAIMCRAFT to MINECRAFT
  • Update to smoke test cycles and associated documentation
  • New landing page for a “Failed” situation
  • Add redirect for a “Failed” landing page
  • Bug fix to change actions on notifications — when notifications are pushed out, the Update notification was deleted, now fixed so not deleted
  • Added debounce to a button to stop multiple notification pop ups occurring for repeated presses
  • Autoclose post login pages for Okta and Venly login
  • “See More” button on “Profile” page hidden if there are no more items to see
  • Marketplace repaginator error fixed if user moves to another page
  • Correction to incorrect operation of the currency exchange function
  • Issue resolved where platform hangs after waking from sleep state
  • Correct popup now displayed for unsuccessful transaction
  • Cosmetic changes to Home and Profile pages
  • Design change to Wallet tab to log into the wallet
  • Removal of multiple notifications about start/stop monetization events
  • Job can now be deleted in paused/completed state
  • Endpoint created to update job status to new endpoint for each file modification
  • Add Blender file path to worker job request api call.
  • Remove job size from client-job api
  • Addition of “coupons” for QA and test purposes
  • Addition of documentation for Login and Sign Up submitted to Confluence
  • Correction to error messages to display the correct message related to the error

Functionality Updates

  • Addition of button to remove and rename the project folder
  • Remove size column
  • Generate job archive hash to determine whether archive files needs to be downloaded
  • If customer balance is negative, rendering cannot be started
  • After failed analysis, client can now upload new file and restart analysis
  • Aspect ratio added for render preview to display full image on hover
  • Removal of grey squares prior to preview image upload

(You can find the links to the latest full release notes here, here, here, and here.)

For more regular GAIMIN updates follow us on Twitter.