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GAIMIN Launches 5 new interoperable, cross-game NFTxg’s

Jun 30, 2022

Following last week’s announcement that GAIMIN is the world’s first company to launch a cross-game, interoperable NFT – the NFTxg, GAIMIN is delighted to announce the release of 5 new NFTxg’s, all available through GAIMIN’s GAIMCRAFT platform.

GAIMIN’s NFTxg solves the gamers key problem – how to build up an in-game inventory of assets able to be used across a number of different AAA games.

GAIMIN released its first NFTxg, the Diamond Sword last week. This NFTxg was created with a Minecraft design and texture to demonstrate its cross game use and functionality within both Minecraft and GTA V. The Minecraft design and texture was replicated for GTA V to demonstrate to GTA V players the use of the NFTxg.  

The video in the link shows the NFTxg being used in both games and validates the interoperable, cross-game aspects of the NFTxg. NFTxg Demonstration (no sound).

Initially available for use in Minecraft and GTA V, GAIMIN is working on the integration of GAIMCRAFT technology into more AAA games, announcements to follow shortly as more games support the NFTxg.

The key aspect of an NFTxg is that it takes form, style and usability in the game in which it is being used. If the NFTxg is used within another game,the NFTxg takes the appropriate form, style and functionality for that game. The 5 new NFTxg’s from GAIMIN demonstrate the interoperable approach to functionality and utility within the different games.

The player retains ownership of the NFTxg at all times, unless they wish to sell or rent out their NFTxg. With integrated smart contract functionality, the owner can sell or rent their NFTxg, increasing their return on investment whilst maintaining their asset base with ownership, provenance and trading all visible on the blockchain

GAIMIN’s NFTxg’s are only available through the GAIMIN platform and can only be purchased using GAIMIN’s cryptocurrency, GMRX which is earned by users downloading the GAIMIN platform and monetising the spare processing capacity found within their GPUs. GAIMIN’s monetisation engine generates GMRX rewards for users participating in the GAIMIN data processing network and allows the user to purchase in-game assets, including NFTxg’s with their earned GMRX. Until GMRX lists on an exchange, and without buying GMRX through the website, passive earning through monetisation of a device is the only way to earn GMRX and purchase these NFTxg’s.

GAIMIN’s first 5 NFTxg’s:

Name Minecraft/GTAV Design Description Minecraft Asset GTA V Asset
Bloodspiller With every slash of this jagged blade, blood will be drawn. Sword Machete
Heartseeker The perfect weapon choice when looking to perforate your enemies heart. Sword Assault Rifle
Decapitator Its name speaks for itself, look no further if you wish to leave your foes in pieces. Axe Light Machine Gun
Rusty Crusher While old and worn down, a swift blow will leave your enemies wishing they’d turned around and ran. Axe Shotgun
Whisper A deadly weapon for a deadly assassin, you’ll have finished the job before your foes even know what’s hit them. Sword



Although categorised as “Common”, there are only 1,800 of each NFTxg available so demand will be great for these initial NFTxg’s. Over the coming weeks and months, GAIMIN will release more NFTxg’s and add functionality to its platform to enable users to quickly see which GAIMIN NFTxg’s are available, which ones they have and which are missing from their asset inventory.