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GAIMIN - Project News and Updates - February 2024 - GAIMIN to Develop Fastest Gaming Blockchain

Mar 5, 2024

The huge BREAKING News this month was of course, this… 

GAIMIN, Movement Labs and BNB Chain collaborate to create the fastest gaming blockchain in the world. A Move language-based L2 on BSC with 150k TPS, the lowest latency, native gaming and DePIN features, and watched by millions of gamers.

This is potentially one of the most significant game-changers for the whole Web3 gaming space.

You can read all about it, and the rest of our latest updates below… And don’t forget to follow us on X (Twitter) and stay up to date, so you see all the news and updates as they happen. Here’s the link.

February’s highlights… 

  • Massive GAIMIN Catalysts – Building the fastest gaming blockchain at 150k TPS with @movementlabsxyz and @BNBCHAIN– Incubated by @CoinMarketCap – Largest DePIN in the world for GPUs – Owners of a top Esports org @GaiminGladiator – Web3 Gaming Ambassadors of BNB CHAIN. 

Don’t forget to install GAIMIN

If you haven't installed GAIMIN yet, you can download it at and, if you are already a current user, share your referral link with friends and earn additional rewards.

Stay tuned for more updates, and make sure to follow us on X (Twitter) to stay informed.

If you are new to GAIMIN, then for a complete review of “The GAIMIN Project”, we recommend you take a look at our Presentation Deck