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Why Game With GAIMIN

May 5, 2022

The AI platform that passively provides massive rewards to its community by utilizing underused resources.

It used to be said that humans only really used 10% of their brains on a regular basis (though this has been debunked, but follow along – there’s a point here). What if you let the world use the remaining 90% in order to provide people with a better life experience and to benefit mankind? Better yet, what if you could get paid to rent out that (supposed) extra space in your head?

Similarly, research (which has NOT been debunked) shows that while PC-based gamers play games for 20% of the time, their gaming device goes unused for 80% of the time. Furthermore, the PC (most often) remains powered on when not being used. GAIMIN looks to capitalize on this with an AI platform that has the ability to monetize the PC’s unused resources (the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Central Processing Unit (CPU)) by passively generating a valuable return for the user. Remarkably, it can even be done while the player is using the device with no impact on their gaming performance.

100% of your brain may have just exploded.  

As the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming world has expanded exponentially over the past few years, and even more so over the past year, it has provided an excitement and sources of income where they had previously not existed. But to compete and earn at the highest levels, players must enhance their gaming experience and performance — this can get pricey. Costs for upgrades to hardware or network connectivity, improvements to physical playing environment, skill boosting, or even attending gaming events create a financial barrier to entry, leading to an imbalance between those who can afford these outlays and those who can’t.

GAIMIN’s view of “No gamer left behind” levels the playing field. By passively monetizing users’ untapped computational power for a variety of uses –such as mining or video rendering –  GAIMIN’s platform is ushering in a new era of technological cooperation. The GAIMIN Distributed Data Processing Network implements a simultaneous functionality that creates both a symbiotic relationship and a like-minded community that provides a return for users regardless of hashpower. Gaimin also rewards users for time spent on the network as well as through the Network Expansion Program, where users grow the platform by adding their friends to the network.

The word ‘return’ is the key to all of this. The value of being part of the system and this community is simply described as generous and unlike any provided by any other company, even though no upfront payments are required. All users need to do is install the platform. This simple action will begin the users’ accumulation of GMRX, GAIMIN’s cryptocurrency. GMRX is a compilation of the fees earned by the processing requirements of these multiple monetization activities – activities that are selectively determined by GAIMIN’s AI platform to maximize the profitable functionality of each device in use.

GAIMIN estimates that amount of wealth accrued over a daily period to be about $1 USD per day, depending on various factors. (this is dependent on time, hashrate etc). Given that $1 per day, GAIMIN will set NFT prices based on a monetization period of a day, week, month, etc, incentivizing players to retain their GMRX – instead of converting them – and seeing them quickly build their in-game assets. These exchanges can all be tracked through a central interface and dashboard that also serves as an access point to the GAIMIN marketplace and GAIMIN’s Minecraft metaverse.

While this all seems complicated, the action (or even lack of action) gives users access to a wealth of perks to a level not seen anywhere else in the metaverse. Benefits come in the form of discounts, bonuses, and limited edition gaming assets and components. Other rewards include NFTs and enhancements to those NFTs’ attributes, unique in-game assets, as well as the ability to build a gaming asset repository. There are even skill games to allow users to hone their abilities based on their chosen game.

Again, the ability to earn GMRX rewards by doing virtually nothing other than leaving your device powered on is unlike any other reward system on the market. The availability of these discounted assets and interoperable NFT’s that can be used across multiple games is unprecedented. The idea that others are trying to help those make P2E gaming accessible for all is unparalleled (and mind-blowing). Get in on doing nothing and getting paid before you miss out by doing nothing and not getting paid.