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The Colosseum Recap June 2024

Jul 4, 2024

It’s been an eventful period in what has been the third month of The Colosseum launch. There have been some interesting additions to our platform, more exciting content and campaigns. So let’s dive in.

The Colosseum’s Platform Updates in June

For platform updates, there were additions to The Colosseum’s FAQs, content features, fan profile, and many more. Here are details about them:

Visual Learning for FAQs

We have now added an infographic content section to our FAQ Guides, to aid the learning process for certain features, setups, and processes in The Colosseum. These visual designs show you step-by-step how to execute these processes. To access them, simply navigate to the “Guide” tab on The Colosseum FAQ page; you should see the “Infographic” section for each guide.

Content Sharing

Sharing is Caring! That’s why the “Share” feature has been introduced for The Colosseum videos. Fans can now share that funny Dyrachyo video to fellow fans and loved ones on multiple platforms, simply by clicking a button.

Fan Badges

Also introduced on The Colosseum are Fan Badges. Fans can now receive special badges showing membership on The Colosseum and their subscription level. This badge, which is also displayed next to the user’s name on social platforms like Discord, demonstrates  a fan’s loyalty level to the Gaimin Gladiators and their user level on The Colosseum. Members can claim their special premium badges by connecting their social (Discord) account to The Colosseum via their Fan Profile page.

Email Verification

The Colosseum has introduced email verification to the platform. In the event of losing your password, you can regain access to your Colosseum account through the recovery prompts sent to the email you verified on The Colosseum. The better part is, since you’d probably joined The Colosseum in a rush to perform an immediate activity like watching content or a stream, claiming DPAs, grabbing special discount promo codes, engaging in the Fan Area, etc, The Colosseum doesn't make it mandatory for you to confirm your email immediately you join the platform; you can still confirm your email within a month after your signup. If your confirmation link expires, you can request a new one by clicking on “Resend Email” on the bar that will remain showing on your Colosseum account until you verify your email.

The Colosseum’s Campaigns in June

In June, The Colosseum launched a couple of campaigns which included giveaways of 3 valuable editions of our GG DPAs which over a thousand GG fans claimed in the month. 

DPA Giveaways

DPAs were available and airdropped to fans for the following major events this June: MESA Nomadic Masters for Counter-Strike 2, PMSL EMEA for PUBG Mobile, and RLCS Major 2 for Rocket League. Each DPA collection also included 10 rare versions, signed by our GG esports athletes, which were given out to a few lucky fans who claimed the DPA.

MESA Nomadic Masters Spring 2024 DPA

Regular & Rare versions respectively

PMSL EMEA Spring 2024 DPA

Regular & Rare versions respectively

RLCS 2024 - Major 2 DPA

Regular & Rare versions respectively

Players’ Shoutout for Fan Comments

This month, The Colosseum also launched a brilliant initiative to connect fans closer to their favorite players through engaging in their content. GG Players will now give random shoutouts to their most engaging fans on The Colosseum. These will be fans who comment and react frequently to content on The Colosseum where the players are featured. The comment section on The Colosseum can also be a place for fans to share their thoughts and opinions on not only the content but also their favorite players.

The Colosseum’s Content in June

The Colosseum has also published a lot of interesting content this month, which was mostly made up of extended versions of the public GG content. These premium versions contain behind-the-scenes, bloopers and special cuts that give deeper insight into the production of the content. They are longer, more interesting, more revealing and of course more engaging.

Even better are the cracking comments from fans on these videos, you can go check them out yourself. You too can start enjoying The Colosseum’s Premium Content and all the other exciting features, rewards, and benefits it offers. Simply Become a Member of The Colosseum today and join us in this revolutionary journey to redefine esports fandom!