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GAIMIN’s Early Access Event

Aug 12, 2022

For the last three months, GAIMIN has limited downloads of its app and platform to users who have registered with the whitelist and installed the app using an activation code.

During these three months, with a small tester community, we have focussed on enhancing app usability, the user experience and minor bugs along with the introduction of some significant new features and improvements including the addition of new NFTs, the ability to convert GMRX to V-Bucks for Fortnite, APEX Legends Coins, and cross-game NFTs for use in Minecraft and GTA V.

Additionally, we have improved our GAIMCRAFT functionality to implement blockchain technology into Minecraft and GTA V and we are also working on implementation of GAIMCRAFT into other moddable AAA games, including RUST. Finally we are extending monetisation into video rendering, which will be released soon and is working on development of an SDK for the EPIC/Unreal game platforms.

Our small tester community has vigorously tested all this new functionality and over the last 3 months we have made improvements to the underlying platform, monetisation functionality and blockchain technology. We now want to open our next phase of testing, prior to general release, to a much larger community of testers.

From Monday 15th August, our platform will be available for immediate download and installation without the need for an activation code.

We are aiming for 10,000 users to download, install and monetise with the app for 30 days, starting on Monday 15th August. In order to incentivise users for participation, both immediately and throughout the early access period, we shall be rewarding users with NFTs, GMRX and limited edition merchandise from GAIMIN Gladiators. Over these 30 days we expect to complete full scale testing on the app and platform and also ensure our 24 hour support centre can handle the expected level of support cases.

Throughout the Early Access period, we shall be announcing events and participation opportunities designed to maintain app and platform usability and allow us to monitor performance and identify areas for optimisation and improvement. All users participating in the event will be notified of the different criteria to earn rewards, they will be able to interact directly with GAIMIN Gladiators esports players and have the ability to win unique and limited edition prizes and merchandise.

To participate, follow GAIMIN and GAIMIN Gladiators social media and Discord channels where joining instructions will be provided along with daily posts announcing the day’s event, participants and timing.

The schedule for the first 2 weeks is below. In Week 3 we will be making a special announcement regarding GAIMIN Gladiators with the schedule based around this announcement, more details to follow……

Week 1 Week 2
Monday  Giveaway – Jersey, joggers and hoodie Giveaway – Winner announcement
Tuesday Podcast – DOTA2 Team DOTA 2 Coaching with ImmortalFaith
Wednesday Community Night – GAIMCRAFT and Warzone lobbies with Simpsimma

Community Night – 


Thursday TBA

Community Night – 


Friday DOTA 2 Custom lobbies – Seleri and Dyracho DOTA 2 Custom lobbies – ImmortalFaith and BOOM
Saturday DOTA 2 Custom lobbies – Seleri and Dyracho DOTA 2 Custom lobbies – ImmortalFaith and BOOM
Sunday TBA TBA


  • All events are subject to change and any timetable is indicative and can vary – any changes will be announced through social media channels.
  • We anticipate announcing a new team into the GAIMIN Gladiators roster. Events will depend on whether we can confirm this team
  • App download starts on Monday 15th August 2022 and this Early Access event concludes on Wednesday 14th September 2022