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GAIMIN - Project News and Updates - June 2024 - Big Updates

Jul 9, 2024

Here are some of the big updates we did in June…

…We moved into our new office in Portugal (with Microsoft next door), released some unique “world’s first” tech for our Rust server, and added groundbreaking monetization to our GAIMIN Monetization Engine (hopefully, we’ll have more big news on this next month).

… continued to align ourselves with top partners, updated our community with AMAs, added further utility to our GMRX token with The Colosseum… and much more.

See the links below for the details…

June’s highlights…

- GAIMIN introduces BR1: INFINITE, the world’s first Pay-to-Spawn shooter where players can earn real money for every kill!

- We are extremely excited to onboard ParamLabs, who are building a modular and interconnected Web3 gaming ecosystem, providing innovative games via their cutting-edge blockchain technology and infrastructure.

- GAIMIN is extremely excited to announce the Kiraverse game will be launching on the GAIMIN Platform!

- We proudly welcome Astra Nova as our upcoming game release!

- We’re excited to announce our collaboration with the talented team at QORPO world, releasing Citizen Conflict on our Platform!

- We welcome Outcast Droids!

- GAIMIN enters a groundbreaking technical partnership with Multisynq!

- ANyONe (formerly Ator — atorprotocolnew) and GAIMIN are entering into an exciting technical collaboration to bring you even more ways to earn and enhance your gaming experience.

- Introducing Wilder World, a massive multiplayer open-world game that pushes the boundaries of status quo gaming with real-time photorealism, blockchain integration, AI, and cutting-edge multiplayer technology.

- Everything Crypto — Powered by Pyth
- Partnerships and Collaborations
- Utility: Mining and Rendering
- Growth in Web3 Gaming: User Acquisition and Community Incentives

Don’t forget to install GAIMIN

If you haven’t installed GAIMIN yet, you can download it at and, if you are already a current user, share your referral link with friends and earn additional rewards.

And don’t forget to follow us on X (Twitter) and stay up to date, so you see all the news and updates as they happen. Here’s the link.

If you are new to GAIMIN, then for a complete review of “The GAIMIN Project”, we recommend you take a look at our Presentation Deck