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GAIMIN Gladiators DOTA 2 Team

Mar 11, 2022

Dota is a game played between two teams of five players. The teams are called the Radiant and the Dire with bases on opposite corners of the map. On the map there are three paths, known as lanes, connecting the two bases with a river that runs through the paths, dividing them and the map in half.

Every 30 seconds three small groups of units spawn at each team’s base, one for each lane. These units are called creeps, and they will travel down a lane and fight any enemy unit or building in the way.

The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy team’s Ancient, a building located in their base. On the enemy’s side of the map are buildings protecting the enemy Ancient that must be killed before a team can reach the enemy Ancient.

Each player controls a unit known as a hero. When a player’s hero is killed, they remain dead for a certain period of time and then are resurrected in their own base. Throughout the course of the game, players spend time making their heroes stronger while pushing towards the enemy Ancient by killing enemy creeps, heroes, and buildings. Killing enemy creeps, heroes, and buildings also rewards players with gold. Gold can be used to purchase items for your hero, making them even stronger.

The first team to kill the other team’s Ancient wins.

GAIMIN Gladiators DOTA 2 Team

GAIMIN’s DOTA 2 comprises some of the most skilled DOTA 2 players today. Each team member has skills and expertise that enables them to create a successful team, playing against some of the other leading DOTA 2 players. Each team member cultivates their own following within the DOTA 2 community extending the global reach and brand awareness of GAIMIN.

Participation in gaming events, playing against some of the other leading teams, increases GAIMIN’s brand reach and exposure with the competitors. The following graphic identifies some of the teams we play against and their followers and reach:

DOTA 2 Team Recent Success

The DOTA 2 Team won the WEU DPC Championship in February 2022, beating the likes of some of the best teams and organizations in the world such as Team Liquid, Nigma, Tundra and OG. The Team also came in the Top 3 in the D2L Season 7, losing to the Hellraisers (a very established organisation from the CIS region).

Viewership numbers for event: (Excluding China)

  • Average Live Viewers: 95k
  • Peak Liver Viewers: 160k
  • Total Views on Video: 650k

Next Events

  • D2CL Season 8 – Prize Pool of $50k. The expectation of the team is similar to last season – top 3 finish.
  • WEU DPC Tour 2 Season – Expectation of the team would be to come top 4, if the team secures a top 4 finish, they will  automatically qualify for the major in Stockholm in May.