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GAIMIN is a Web3 gaming infrastructure project strategically positioned at the disruptive intersection of Web3, gaming, and cloud computing.

Cloud computing economy of the future

Game distribution and gamer experiences platform

Web3 incubator and launchpad for leading IGOs

World leading Esports platform

New Incubatee

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Welcome to the GAIMIN project

With more than 3 billion active gamers globally set to transition into the new exciting world of Web3 gaming, GAIMIN’s innovative technology solutions mean the GAIMIN project is set to be a key gateway for the mass adoption of Web3 games and blockchain technology.

The “Evolutionary” GAIMIN Platform

The GAIMIN platform is a full-featured Web3 gaming platform and game launcher. Built for PC gamers, currently in the MVP development stage, fully functional, and available for download at GAIMIN.GG. The GAIMIN platform solves three main problems for 1.6 billion global Windows PC gamers:

- How to help pay for their gaming, by passively monetizing their unused computational resources via services;

- Offering true ownership of their in-game assets, stored as NFTs, with real utility, interoperability, and cross-game capability;

- A launch pad for new and exciting Web3-enabled games.

View the Platform page

GAIMIN’s “GAIMCRAFT” Developer Tools

GAIMIN’s technology acts as a base layer for adding Web3 game tech to existing games and solves 3 main problems for game developers:

- GAIMIN's proprietary GAIMCRAFT developer tools (SDK/API) allow a game developer to quickly and easily add Web3 functionality, features, and benefits to any existing game.

- GAIMIN's Sandbox allows game studios to test games while in development with our users and professional esports players, and get valuable feedback, suggestions, and ideas to improve the game.

- GAIMIN's platform and userbase also offer game developers a game launcher and an enthusiastic gamer audience to launch their games to.

View the Developer page

GAIMIN’s Cloud

The is a decentralized cloud computing platform that utilizes the computational power of the GAIMIN platform users to power AI, rendering, and blockchain computations. By passively monetizing their idle computing resources, gamers can earn rewards while contributing to the creation of a sustainable and socially responsible digital future. The Gaimin Cloud offers access to instantly accessible, instantly scalable, robust, cost-effective data processing capabilities to individuals and organizations, helping to promote innovation, economic growth, and social progress in communities around the world.

There are an estimated 1.6 billion gaming PCs globally today, and these numbers are growing fast! This represents a potential $500 billion worth of GPU processing power waiting to be utilized. This massive existing computational power resource is self-maintained, self-propagating, self-upgrading, and connected to the internet with high-speed connections, and is ideal to meet many of today’s growing data processing needs.  

View the Gaimin Cloud →

Gaimin Gladiators

The Gaimin Gladiators esports organization is a key component of the GAIMIN project, providing the project with brand exposure, trust, and credibility in the esports and gaming world; and also giving GAIMIN direct user acquisition and a large social media following. As a fast-growing, dynamic esports organization with professional teams competing in high-level tournaments, Gaimin Gladiators are helping to establish GAIMIN as a leading name in the world of esports and gaming.

View the Gaimin Gladiators →


Fastest gaming blockchain in the world - GAIMIN is building an L2 in collaboration with Movement Labs and BNB Chain with 150k TPS, the lowest latency and a plethora of onchain gaming and DePIN features as solutions for web3 integrated gaming and more.

View the Litepaper →

The Colosseum

The Web3 fan loyalty membership program of the Gaimin Gladiators (GG), Gaimin's esports team, providing exclusive features, benefits and money-can't-buy experiences for esports fans.

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Why Web3 is the future of gaming

Web3 technology represents a significant shift in the gaming industry, creating a more inclusive, engaging, and rewarding gaming experience for both players and developers

Web3 allows for true ownership and control of interoperable, cross-game, game assets through the use of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Web3 enables players to earn real value and monetary rewards for their in-game accomplishments, creating a more engaging and sustainable gaming experience.

Web3 allows for decentralized and trustless transactions, enabling secure and seamless exchanges of in-game assets and rewards.

Web3 technology enables the development of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and communities, allowing for more democratic and user-centric gaming experiences.

Web3 technology allows for the creation of token economies and asset marketplaces, opening up new opportunities for game developers and players alike.

Why Gamers Are the Key To Mass Web3 Adoption

The gaming industry is massive. “Esports” (pro-gaming) is predicted to become the #1 entertainment sport of the future; it currently has a 33% annual growth rate, while consumers are spending more than ever on gaming as it rapidly becomes the world’s leading pastime.

Gaming is currently the largest entertainment market on the planet with over 3 billion active gamers worldwide, and 1.6 billion of them are PC gamers. This vast and growing user base is an attractive market for developers and investors looking to capitalize on the potential of Web3 gaming.

Gamers are typically early adopters of new technologies and innovations. They are more likely to embrace new gaming technologies, especially if it offers them a better gaming experience. Gamers also tend to have the hardware and technical knowledge needed to support Web3 gaming.

Gamers are already familiar with digital currencies, digital wallets, digital marketplaces, and digital goods, which are all integral parts of Web3 gaming. This familiarity with digital technologies and the adoption of microtransactions in the gaming industry makes them more comfortable and willing to use blockchain-based currencies and assets.

Once gamers experience the benefits of Web3 gaming, such as true ownership of in-game assets and more transparent game economies, they will be more likely to share their experiences with others and encourage them to join in. This will likely lead to a viral effect, driving adoption and growth in the industry.

Gamers are the most connected demographic in the world, and they have the ability to virally share their gaming experiences with others. This is a powerful way to spread the word about new games and technologies, and it can have a significant impact on the adoption of Web3 gaming.

Why GAIMIN is perfectly positioned to capitalize

“GAIMIN is perfectly positioned to meet the growing demand for next-generation gaming experiences by providing a robust infrastructure for Web3 gaming. With its unique Web3 gaming platform and gamer launcher, an innovative approach that benefits gamers, developers, and stakeholders, GAIMIN is poised to be a leader in this rapidly expanding industry.”

“GAIMIN’s ability to monetize its users' computational resources by their passive contribution to the, and returning up to 90% of the rewards back to its gamers ensures that GAIMIN will not only have a huge amount of users… but a huge amount of users with ongoing purchasing power, which is extraordinarily powerful. When you consider the sheer scale of the gaming community and the enormous data processing power sat in their GPUs, and the immense and exponentially growing demand for data processing power, the potential of The GAIMIN Project is staggering.”

“GAIMIN is at the forefront of the Web3 evolution in gaming and is perfectly positioned to benefit from the growing adoption of this exciting new technology and looks set to be one of the main gateways to mass Web3 adoption.”

Our Partners

The GMRX Token

The GMRX token is the native utility token of the GAIMIN ecosystem, powering the platform's internal economy and allowing users to purchase digital gaming assets on the marketplace and enhance their gaming experience. As a deflationary token, GMRX has built-in gamified staking and burning features, with 100% of income from monetization rewards used to buy back GMRX from the market, providing constant buy pressure to help maintain users' purchasing power. Through gamification, achievements, and rewards the GMRX token economy aims to provide the maximum benefits to GAIMIN platform users in its constantly growing and evolving ecosystem.

More information here


  • Add more key members to Web3-dedicated marketing team.
  • Launch beta versions of Web3 minigames “Tower Defence” and “Autochess” mobile and desktop.
  • Continued tech development for further monetization options.
  • Launch PFP NFT collection.
  • Final testing and launch monetization option “Powering AI Mode – Text to image (Stable Diffusion)”.
  • Continue to build collaborations and PoCs for monetization.
  • Announcement of CoinMarketCap incubation.
  • GMRX token listing.
  • Continue development of advanced onboarding process.
  • NFT gaming unlocks of skins and more.
  • Continue to add games, including TCG and other options.
  • Planned launch of version 2 of our “Watch-to-Earn”
  • Continued testing and planned launch of major monetization tech update.
  • Marketing focus on community building.
  • Increase GAIMIN platform downloads towards Q1 objectives.
  • Release Gaimin Gladiator esports perks Web2 and Web3 community.
  • Planned launch of Web3 loyalty program for Gaimin Gladiators “The Colosseum”.
  • Add more key team members as needed.
  • Increase GAIMIN platform downloads towards Q2 objectives.
  • Continued exchange conversations.
  • Planned addition of further “Web2.5” (Web2 to Web3) bridge integrations.
  • Incorporation of all data into the revised internal B.I. dashboard.
  • Planning of “Web3/NFT Launchpad” development to incorporate into games launcher.
  • Continued roll-out of engagement and platform features (GAIMIN hosted tournaments etc).
  • Add more games, including desktop and mobile options.
  • Continued cloud computing collaborations.
  • Increase team for specific cloud development needs.
  • Increase GAIMIN platform downloads towards Q3 goals.
  • Continued exchange conversations.
  • Ongoing key partnerships and alliances.
  • Continue to grow network monetization.
  • Planned mobile monetization testing.
  • Add more games, including desktop and mobile options.
  • Planned continuation of hardware research/production
  • Planned release game semi-automated addition to GAIMIN launcher.
  • Planned launch of full Web3 games incubation program,
  • Planned launch of full Gamefi Launchpad options.
  • Increase GAIMIN platform downloads to meet end-of-year goals.
  • Continued exchange conversations.
  • Ongoing key partnerships and alliances.
  • Continue to grow network monetization.
  • Add more games, including desktop and mobile options.
  • Key game incubations
  • Review of end-of-year (OKR) Objectives and Key Results
  • Strategic planning
a pie chart showing the split of profits: 80% gamers, 10% treasury, 7% stakers + yield farmers, 3% burned

Important News Updates

BNB Chain Partners With GAIMIN to Grow Web3 Games

“We selected GAIMIN to become our first partner for a Web3 esports growth initiative after reviewing their business model and assessing...
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GAIMIN AG is approved for SRO membership of VQF

GAIMIN today announces it has been approved for membership of the Swiss Financial Services Standards Association “VQF”...
Read More →

GAIMIN is the First Company to Power AI Models Through High Powered, Distributed Gaming PCs

GAIMIN is the world's first company to power AI modelling computations through high powered distributed gaming PCs.
Read More →

Our team

The Founders have all known each other for in excess of 15+ years. Having worked together in several countries across different continents, the team have extensive experience of solving problems and creating solutions together.

link to team members LinkedIn profile
Martin Speight
CEO & Co-founder

Experienced entrepreneur and business strategy consultant. Over 28 years of experience in sales & marketing. Founder of specialist online marketing consultancy. Specific experience working with Internet startups developing systems and processes for planned growth.

link to team members LinkedIn profile
Andrew Faridani
CMO & Co-founder

Founder of Canada’s largest local digital agency, with 18 years experience, specializing in online advertising, branding, and social media. Vast experience in staff management, business processes, systems, scaling and development.

link to team members LinkedIn profile
Calvin Adamus
CPO & Co-founder

Gaimin creator with product-specific knowledge. Strategic advisor, community building and referral program specialist. Extensive experience developing concepts through to reality. Multi-lingual and world travelled.

link to team members LinkedIn profile
Clive Aroskin
COO & Co-founder

Operations and logistics specialist with significant entrepreneurial startup experience. Extensive referral program expertise, community development, and event management.

link to team members LinkedIn profile
Robert Van Schaik
CFO & Co-founder

30 years of business formation and management experience, founded several successful online businesses. Startup investor specializing in technology and blockchain.

link to team members LinkedIn profile
Buki Ben Natan
CTO & Co-founder

Extensive knowledge of blockchain technologies and all aspects of IT product development. Vast experience with big data tech., stack & machine learning.

Maximiliam Jonsson
Chief Crypto Officer

Experienced crypto researcher and advisor with extensive knowledge about Go-to market strategies, project features and token use-cases.

Casey James
Chief Investment Officer

Head of venture arm, investing in early-stage AAA non-blockchain games, Gamefi P2E, and crypto infrastructure projects that bring users, games and revenue capabilities onto Gaimin’s platforms.

Joseph Turner
Chief Gaming Officer

Gaming and Esports Advisor for English Speaking Markets. Former Professional Player & Coach (CS:GO, PUBG), Gaming Community & Engagement Consultant, Content Development and Strategy.

Marc Bray
Chief Communications Officer

Marc Bray has 30 years experience in the IT industry. Combining an earlier career as a specialist Technology consultant, with his marketing and business qualifications and experience, Marc has operated at senior strategic levels to advise and guide companies on their strategic business operations and deliver quality communications to all business stakeholders. Marc has a MSc in Information Systems Design and Management, a BSC(Hons) in Applied Statistics and Computing and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing. He has a private interest in blockchain and crypto technologies.

Miguel Ferrero
Chief Gaming Officer (Spanish Markets)

Gaming Advisor for the Hispanic Speaking Markets. Gaming industry expert, VR Specialist and founder of Spanish gaming and VR/AR company, business mentor, team building coach, gaming and sporting event organizer.

Arjan Eikelenboom
Adviser Blockchain & Crypto Assets

Former Banker, Keynote Speaker and Producer of Blockchain & Crypto Seminars. Over 20 years of experience in Financial Markets and investments in disruptive technologies.

Enrique Santos
Market Analyst

Technical stock market analyst for 18 years. Author of 5 books on analysis based on Elliott Wave Theory and Fibonacci patterns models. Specialized in intraday trading on currencies and index futures, utilizing systems around technical analysis and stable trading based on human behavior patterns.

Shaun Martelly
Investor Relations North America

Specialist in public relations, marketing, public speaking and successfully raising funds for several tech-related startups.

Sam Mabon
Partner - Head of Corporate Brabners LLP, Manchester lawyers (UK)

Paul Cheetham-Karcz
Managing Partner - Sedulo Manchester Accountants (UK)

Lukas Wadsack
Managing Partner - Wadsack Zug Lawyers (Switzerland)

Dr. Hans Khun
Managing Partner - LAWSIDE Attorneys-at-Law KLG (Switzerland)

Anna Timone
Regulatory Counsel

Regulatory counsel specializing in financial services with extensive experience in compliance, risk management, financial crime, AML and regulation in FX, payments, cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Simon Quirke

FCA approved Compliance and Money Laundering Reporting Officer (CF 11, CF10), Director of an international FX broker, Over 30 years experience in the Financial Markets

Beverley Warburton
Branding and Community Advisor

Branding specialist, Gamification and gamer community advisor. 25+ years of corporate experience in direct sales developing & executing operational strategies to drive international expansion.

Alan O'Neill
Ambassador & Co-owner

Alan O’Neill is an entrepreneur and Digital Enterprise Architect whose interpretation of innovation has helped the world's leading companies for over 30 years. Alan is a thought leader, investor and facilitator of Metaverse, Blockchain and Web 3.0 projects, and a proud shareholder of GAIMIN.

Nicky Butt
Ambassador & Co-owner

Nicky Butt is a Manchester United legend and International Footballer, plus a member of the globally acclaimed Class of 92. Nicky’s a serial entrepreneur with interests in Football, Hospitality & Education. He’s a gaming enthusiast and collector of NFT’s, who’s also a committed investor of Metaverse, Blockchain and Web 3.0 projects.

Ross Mason
Ambassador & Co-owner

Ross Mason is one of the UK’s most successful technology entrepreneurs. He founded MuleSoft in 2006 (MULE:NYSE) and in 2018 he sold it to Salesforce for $6.5Bn. Mason founded Dig Ventures to ‘bring Silicon Valley to Europe’. Dig has made over 50 investments in early-stage Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 (Blockchain, infrastructure, utility and marketplace) companies.

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